Our Mission

As a company, we are incredibly passionate about making a difference in the war against HCAIs (Healthcare Acquired Infections), Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria, improving NHS waiting times and patient outcomes.


More than 1 in 26 inpatients in NHS hospitals contract nosocomial infections through waterborne pathogens, through either taps or showers. This approximates to around 300,000 people each year contracting a HCAI in NHS England alone.


We have worked hard to create different solutions to this enormous problem looming over the healthcare sector.


Our Story

Angel Guard is an innovative company, on the cutting-edge of medical biotechnology with one goal – to save millions of lives across the world whilst saving hospitals millions of pounds at the same time.


After being founded by husband-wife duo Jonathan and Elaine Waggott in 2017, 3 years were spent on research, working in tandem with their experienced team. Further consultations were had with many hospital trusts, infection control specialists and microbiologists to develop the Angel Guard units into the highly innovative products that they are today.

Throughout the past couple years, we have taken on young workers from the UK Government DWP Kickstart Scheme. They have become invaluable members of our business and are learning key skills and gaining incredible experience that will help them for the rest of their lives, with many continuing on past their Kickstart Scheme duration to become permanent members of our team!


Our Team