Angel Guard Units Amazing AI Technology

Angel Guards clinical washbasins have many incredible features and benefits, including our amazing AI Colony Technology.

Our units utilise a patent-pending AI Technology system. Each individual unit can gather data, which in utilisation with the Angel Guard Halo Protect Cloud System, can identify units within the same specified area and enable them to “talk” to each other. If one unit detects a high level of risk, then the other units can raise the state of alert – causing them to gather data at a higher frequency, issuing preventative countermeasures across the group of units. Through doing this, the units can effectively diminish the chances of pathogen contamination across the entire system and keep patients safe.

Every unit also comes equipped with an on-board biofilm sensor fitted within the tap spout. Michael also comes equipped with two additional biofilm sensors, positioned directly within the hot and cold sensors, positioned directly within the hot and cold supply, ensuring enhanced biofilm detection is taking place 24/7.

You can learn more about all the features and benefits of our models on the Our Units tab of our website.

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