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Angel Guard at Healthcare Estates

Healthcare Estates is the UK’s largest trade exhibition for the healthcare sector, and Angel Guard were thrilled to have been exhibiting at stand F62. We were able to meet a lot of lovely people, putting forward our ideas for the future of not only clinical washbasins, but also the future of remote water monitoring. The turnout was much higher than last year, having been the first Healthcare Estates since the pandemic restrictions had been lifted.

In tandem with the numerous exhibiting companies, Healthcare Estates is also home to an ongoing conference throughout both days. Our managing director Jonathan Waggott had his own segment at the Infection Control Water Theatre, discussing the benefits of remote water monitoring.

At our stand itself, we were able to speak with a lot of visitors and other exhibitors, as we were able to discuss and demonstrate parts of our Clarence system in person, since we had the models available for viewing. The exhibition also proved fruitful in terms of the contacts we managed to pick up throughout both days, a greater success than even we were expecting.

What was important for us was to get across just how important the safety of clinical washbasins can be going forward for the future of healthcare. We made it clear to prospective clients that an installation of a Michael unit is not only an improvement to their handwash habits but a promise to improve healthcare for all, through the most advanced sanitaryware that can only be found at Angel Guard.

The Clarence system we had on display also drew the attention of onlookers. People were curious as to how such a small box could do so much, and not to mention the fact that it was the first box of its kind that could perform the tasks it can. Many also took interest to the latest addition to the Clarence system, which we are looking forward to launching very soon, so please, keep your eyes out for it.

Overall, 2022 Healthcare Estates was extremely successful for us as a company, and we very much look forward to exhibiting next year!

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