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Angel Guard Collaborates with BioClad to Release Raphael

Angel Guard, award-winning water management company have teamed up with BioClad, the hygienic IPS panel supplier and market leader in creating hygienic spaces, to create Raphael, an innovation being described as “The Next Evolution in Clinical Washbasin IPS Units”. 


Raphael has been designed by combining BioClad’s unique patent pending anti-microbial panel technology, designed to reduce bacterial growth, with innovative, state-of-the-art infection prevention technology from Angel Guard. Raphael incorporates award-winning technology from Angel Guard’s Michael clinical washbasin unit and the Clarence system, the world-first remote water monitoring system with biofilm-sensing capabilities. 


The BioClad panels used on Raphael features closed cell technology, the core itself is made up of millions of minute bubbles, making the exterior 100% waterproof, fire-resistant, extremely durable, easy to clean, antimicrobial and yet also incredibly sustainable. 


Boasting a brand-new patent pending, anti-retrograde tap named “A.R.C.” (Anti-Retrograde Contamination) developed by Angel Guard. The tap itself is constructed from anti-microbial copper with a pipe-within-a-pipe design that delivers the water through an air gap, helping to prevent splashback from contaminating the outlet, and vastly reducing opportunities for touch point contamination – both from users hands and dirty cleaning cloths. 


Reducing splashing by up to 95%, Raphael’s unique ceramic basin has been designed specifically to help combat the spread of pathogens, a common issue experienced in the world of clinical washbasins. Coated with an antimicrobial glaze, Raphael’s basin ensures a smooth surface, helping to prevent bacterial growth. 


Most importantly, Raphael features an optional inclusion of the award-winning Clarence system, providing remote water temperature, flow event and biofilm monitoring. Clarence is then able to link up with Angel Guard’s Seraph Protect system, producing reports to increase compliance, whilst reducing operating and testing costs associated with keeping water safe. 


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