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Angel Guard will be at Healthcare Estates 2022

Medical biotechnology company Angel Guard, winners of numerous awards - including BCIA’s Technical Innovation of the Year Award – will be displaying its products at stand F62.

Angel Guard aspires to be world-leading in protecting buildings and their occupants against water-borne pathogens, whilst increasing compliance and reducing costs.

Angel Guard intend to highlight their Michael and Gabriel units, clinical washbasins fitted with AI technology, specialising in the prevention of water-borne pathogens, with state-of-the-art biofilm sensors, a patent-pending cylindrical basin designed to reduce aerosol transmission, and on-board countermeasures, particularly chemical disinfection.

Preventing nosocomial infections is paramount among Angel Guard’s objectives, equipping their units with patent-pending Colony Technology, enabling units to communicate as a network, raising potential risks, saving lives, money, time, and reducing conventional testing times.

Additionally, visitors can observe Angel Guard’s latest innovation – Clarence, the world’s first AI Monitoring Box capable of measuring not only flow and temperature, being the first sensory system to detect biofilm/pathogens in water systems. Utilising leading-edge sensory technology, Clarence boosts compliance, saves lives, money and time. Through collated risk level data, easily gauging water network safety levels is made possible.

Visit Angel Guard at stand F62 for evaluation and discuss what Angel Guard’s services and products can do for your organisation/business. If you are unable to go to Healthcare Estates, then please email or call 0141 280 9488 for more information on Michael, Gabriel and Clarence.

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