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Current Issues Clinical Washbasins Face

Clinical washbasins currently face a plethora of issues that our Michael and Gabriel units are designed to tackle.

Typically, levers for hospital mixers tend to not be set correctly and ultimately touch the wall. However, the main issue is that the lever itself creates a touch point, leading to contact with multiple users, increasing the risk of transmission. Given these conditions, the aforementioned lever can quickly become a hotspot for pathogens to spread from user to user. Angel Guard tackles this problem with our touch-free delivery of water, soap, and hand gel through our 100% hands-free unique cylindrical washbasin, eliminating a significant hotspot for pathogens to spread. Simultaneously, thanks to its unique and patent pending anti-splash cylindrical washbasin, our Michael and Gabriel units also eliminate splashing, another common way for pathogens to spread.

Another cause for concern is that many waste outlets are heavily contaminated with pathogens and biofilm, which leads to Carbapenemase Producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPEs) becoming commonplace, meaning a high degree of risk. Additionally, users depositing liquids and other such waste to the outlets creates a food source for these bacteria.

Fortunately, Angel Guard has just the solution for this, as all Michael and Gabriel units have a waste and trap made from copper, chosen for its anti-microbial attributes. The waste outlet has also been enlarged to prevent blockages. Angel Guard Units also have on-board detection systems, capable of detecting if any other liquids are poured down the waste.

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