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How Angel Guard’s Michael and Gabriel units help in the fight against HCAIs

Angel Guard is always working towards solving the problem of HCAIs (Healthcare Acquired Infections) and fortunately, one of the solutions is through our unique patent pending non-splash cylindrical glass washbasin.

The washbasin, which is based on a tubular shape, is designed to ensure the splashing and airborne transmission – even when a user’s hands are interrupting the water flow. This means that the water-borne bacteria such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa cannot be splashed onto bedding, patients, sterile apparatus, clinical staff clothing, drug preparation equipment etc.

The waste outlet and trap are made to be wider than normal – allowing water to flow directly into the sewers uninterrupted. Michael and Gabriel are also fitted with air-admittance devices that eliminates the possibility of trap contents coming back up into the basin.

Angel Guard’s clinical washbasins utilise a patent pending AI Colony Technology system. Each individual Michael and Gabriel unit can gather data, which is then sent to Angel Guard’s exclusive secure cloud system, Halo Protect. The system is able to identify units within the same specified area, enabling them to “talk” with each other. If a single unit detects a high level of risk, then the other units are capable of raise the alert level – causing them to gather data at a higher frequency, issuing preventative countermeasures across the groups of units. In doing this, the units can effectively diminish the chances of pathogen contamination across the entire system and keep patients safe.

Manufacturing of all Angel Guard clinical washbasins are performed in a clean environment, with clean and sterile tools used for each individual unit. None of the clinical washbasins are water tested, instead tests are performed using nitrogen gas, in line with HTM 04-01. Transportation is also carried out in a sterile manner, as is installation, with Angel Guard’s Service Scientists using clean overalls and sterilised tools for each installation.

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