Michael & Gabriel Units

Leading the fight against HCAIs.

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The worlds first clinical washbasin with AI Technology.

Designed to fight against HCAIs

Angel Guard has introduced the world’s first clinical AI washbasin especially designed to detect and fight HCAIs. Each unit is equipped with Colony Technology, meaning that each Angel Guard unit can connect and communicate with each other, identifying and solving problems quickly.

Angel Guard washbasins are linked to our Advanced Halo Protect System, which provides in-depth reporting and 24/7 risk-assessments. Which can be tailor-made to your preference, complete with graphics, charts and graphs.

Through our sleek and modern design, use of technology, materials, and method of construction, our Michael and Gabriel units can save lives and costs, free up bed space, reduce waiting times, and even cut energy usage to assist in the preservation of the environment.

Unique Glass Washbasin Gold.png

Unique Anti-splash Glass Washbasin

Our patent-pending cylindrical glass washbasin, constructed precisely to protect against the issue of pathogen spread through splashing and aerosol.

Biofilm Sensors Gold.png

Additional Biofilm Sensors

Our Michael unit includes two additional biofilm sensors, positioned within the water supply for enhanced coverage and detection, keeping your water safe.

AI Colony Technology Gold.png

AI Colony Technology

Patent Pending: This technology uses AI technology to intelligently learn and adapt to bacterial behaviours, allowing units to communicate with each other and decide best how the situation should be dealt with.

Countermeasures New Gold.png

Built-in Automated Countermeasures

This includes: Automatic chemical and thermal disinfection, our intelligent flushing system, intelligent countermeasure delivery and the optional inclusion of Pro-Economy copper/silver ionisation at point of use.

Anti-Microbial Gold.png

Anti-Microbial Materials Used

All of our units are built using naturally anti-microbial materials such as glass and copper, which makes it easy to clean and will save lives.

Halo Protect Gold.png

Advanced Halo Protect System

This advanced system provides in-depth, real-time reporting including reports specifically for Infection Control/Water Safety Groups/Authorising Engineers/Estates.

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