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Angel Guard Units

The world’s first clinical washbasin with AI Technology, a step towards defeating HCAIs. Not only do our units prevent infections spreading, but they give you real time data on your water quality, risk levels, cleaning and hand washing compliance. 


Saving lives, reducing costs and saving the environment!

Clarence AI Water Monitoring System

The worlds first AI Monitoring Box for your water systems. Utilising AI Technology, Clarence helps increase compliance, save time and money, improve data collection and keep people safe from the risk of harmful pathogens!

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David Harper - IHEEM Expert, Public Health Consultant

"I have been aware of Angel Guard's excellent units for a while now...During my many years working as a Public  Health Officer, Hospital Engineer and an IHEEM registered Authorising Engineer (Water) where I have worked and been responsible for water safety and reducing instances of HCAI's I can honestly say that I have never come across a new product that I have thought will change the face of water management at point of use quite like this one."