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Seraph Protect Services

Improving your compliance levels, helping you save lives, money and time whilst granting you peace of mind.

What can we do for you

Seraph Protect Services is the only water management service provision that can offer you the complete package of extensive water services, required reports and remote monitoring your company will need in order to exceed all compliance regulations. This is delivered to you through our unique AI Cloud based system, accessible from any device, and is included in all of our services. By using Seraph Protect Services you never need to worry about failing HSE audits and facing expensive litigation again.

Why Use Seraph Protect Services?

Improves Safety and Compliance

AI Collection and storage of crucial data

Simple and easy to read dashboard

Traffic Light Risk Level Indicators

Reduces gaps in testing and compliance

Saves Time

One single online location for all test results

No paperwork

Automatic reports generated

Monitors filters/hose renewals

24/7 temp/flow/biofilm monitoring (using the Clarence system)

Saves You Money

Competitive pricing

Allows targeted and precise remedial works

Removes hassle of using several different contractors

Preferential prices for multiple services

Reduces the risk of expensive litigation


Providing Expert Water Testing

Angel Guard offers both culture testing (which typically takes around 10 to 14 days to receive a result) and is also introducing rapid testing, which will provide an indication within 24 hours and a result in 7 days.

Ensuring Safe Operating Temperatures for Your Water

Many water issues can stem from poor water temperatures. These temperatures can lead to pathogens such as Legionella to spread throughout a system, posing a serious risk to health. Angel Guard's Service Scientists are fully trained to measure your temperature both manually and though our award-winning Clarence Remote Systems. 


Minimising Risk Across the Board

Angel Guard offers scald and water risk assessments. Available for whole building or high-risk areas including but not limited to hospitals, offices, schools, hotels and even dwellings.

Safeguarding More of Your Outlets

Angel Guard now offer a number of peripherals covering water safety including water filters, shower heads and hoses. Angel Guard will supply as well as fit them if needed

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