The Angel Guard Promise

Your data is kept secure and confidential

Cyber Security

Angel Guard uses a fully closed system to host its AI Technology, which means that external access to data is limited only to authorised users.


Each user can only view data from their own organisation and area, no one else’s. All Angel Guard units are locked with magnetic locks to prevent unauthorised access and are also equipped with military-grade security measures. These include no use of Wi-Fi and only fully encrypted data packets being sent to and from each unit. Personal and sensitive data is not stored locally (including on the RFID tags) and instead is kept only on our safe and secure remote cloud system. 


All access to data and the physical Angel Guard units is fully recorded and monitored. We also ensure that all Angel Guard staff are fully security vetted, and our premises are also kept fully secure. Finally, Angel Guard has in place a detailed disaster recovery plan to cover every situation, should it occur.


24/7 Halo Protect

Halo Protect is a 24/7 service offered exclusively by Angel Guard and is an integral part of keeping patients safe. Our Guardians monitor all units around the clock from our UK control centre, responding to alerts and liaising with relevant and pre-agreed healthcare staff on site, including infection control and estates teams, to gather more information when required and work together to resolve any issue. If required, units can be remotely shut down to help protect vulnerable patients. 

Additionally, our fully trained and certified Service Scientists will regularly visit the unit, calibrating all of the internal sensors to ensure that real time data is being recorded accurately 24/7. 

Seraph Monitoring

Seraph Monitoring Application is a 24/7 service offered exclusively by Angel Guard, for your Clarence Water Monitoring System. Seraph provides 24/7 monitoring of your pipe systems with data presented in numbers, charts and graphs while being accessible whenever needed. You can access old and new data, allowing you to track the progress of your water systems after Clarence helps highlight problems within.

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Green Charter

 Angel Guard aims to be astutely aware of its impact on the environment in all its operations. To this end it has created a green charter, which includes material choices, manufacturing processes, waste management, recycling, carbon footprint reduction, energy sourcing and use, all to remain environmentally friendly. This has led to careful planning and execution throughout our organisational processes, from initial enquiry to manufacturing to installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance.