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After years of research and development, Angel Guard have concluded that current washbasins within healthcare settings just aren't good enough to prevent the spread of water-borne pathogens. Traditional washbasins and units often produce aerosol, splashing and other forms of transmission. 

We offer a free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course (worth 2 points) in order to provide infection control, estates and more with the information needed to safeguard water supplies for building owners. This CPD will cover the challenges that are faced in order to keep patients, visitors and staff safe from being infected by water-borne pathogens. It will explore common problems and many issues hospital and  healthcare buildings experience, particularly with regards to handwash basins.

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The course will then be looking at current guidance and how it helps in managing systems correctly and making the right specification decisions. Finally, it will cover how Angel Guard units, including Michael and Clarence, can provide a positive environmental impact whilst still protecting people. As part of the presentation, you will also be introduced to our Michael unit, a clinical washbasin equipped with AI technology – a world-first invented and developed in the United Kingdom.


This course can be conducted either on Microsoft Teams, Zoom or in person, subject to company and individual preference. Forty-five minutes of the course is dedicated to the presentation, with fifteen minutes available for any questions.

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