Clarence AI Monitoring System

The future of water monitoring.

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The worlds first AI Monitoring System for your water.

Clarence brings monitoring systems and AI Technology to your water systems.

A revolutionary piece of technology, Clarence improves compliance while saving time and money through its connection to AI technology and its sensors allowing itself to monitor biofilm, temperature and track flow events in water systems!

Clarence also improves data collection and saves time with reports thanks to its 24/7 monitoring of your water systems, storing data which can be accessed through Seraph Protect Monitoring System.

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Connected to AI Technology

Clarence utilises AI technology to monitor water temperature, water flow and utilises the Biofilm Detection System to detect any growth of biofilm within water systems.

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Unique Seraph Protect 24/7 Monitoring

Provides 24/7 monitoring of your water systems with data accessible through the Seraph Protect monitoring application at any time, saving time on reports and improving data collection.

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Flow and Return Monitoring

Each box is capable of measuring the water flow and return flow. All boxes can cope with recirculation, with our dual pipe model having the capability to monitor both directions of water flow at once!

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Wireless Connection

Different communication options are available including models that utilise 4G, LoRaWAN or NB-IoT data connection to ensure the best connection is suited to different areas.

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Easy Installation

Installation is as simple as cutting out an area in the pipe system, adding isolation valves, fitting the Clarence Box into said cut-out area, and then securing using fittings. Learn more about it through our installation guide!

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Identifies the Issue

Clarence helps identify the issue in the water system, allowing for a targeted deployment of required counter measures in response to the issue!

Interact with a 3D model of our

Clarence AI Monitoring System!

Clarence monitoring boxes monitor through various parameters including water temperature, flow events and biofilm levels. Collected data is then sent through various wireless communication protocols to the Angel Guard Cloud system called Seraph Protect.

The boxes can be installed in many different building types at different locations within those buildings.

Please click the link below to download our Installation Instructions to learn more about the easy and simple process of installing Clarence AI Monitoring System!

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