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Angel Guard produce world-first technology in order to save time, money and most importantly lives. However, we wouldn't be able to impact the world as much as we can with help from our experienced and renowned distribution partners around the globe.

Our Distributors

United Kingdom


To get in touch with one of our UK distributors, please contact us at 0141 280 9488, or email us at for more information.

Australia, New Zealand and Singapore


Galvin Engineering are a family-owned business spanning a 90-year history, including becoming Australia's first commercial plumbing company to release a range of Lead Safe taps and valves. With their experience in water management systems, Angel Guard felt that it would be hard to find a more suitable business partner in Australia. 

Want to Become a Distributor?

If you are interested in becoming an Angel Guard distributor, call us 0141 280 9488 or email us at

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