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Our ingenious use of AI Technology.

Infection Prevention Hygiene System

This system guides users through a full handwash cycle, using either images (Gabriel) or showing a video (Michael) of the official hand washing procedure laid out by the World Health Organisation.


Users are then identified (Michael) along with full individual and group handwash history available for review by themselves and the Infection Prevention Teams, providing real-time and historic data to help ensure high levels of compliance are achieved.

Unit Screen.png

Real-Time Sensor Monitoring

Angel Guard units contain a variety of different precision sensors, monitoring many parameters 24/7 – including current flow, last flow event, periods of flow, hot and cold incoming temperatures, current temperatures, and temperature changes in-between flow events. 


In addition, units have up to three biofilm monitors positioned in critical areas, such as the hot and cold water pipes and the outlet itself. As a biotechnology company, we believe that innovation is essential in bringing sanitaryware into the modern world.

Risk Assess

Each unit risk assesses itself 24/7 based upon the above data and other data, including the number of uses, when the unit was last used, if unauthorised liquid has been poured down the basin, when and what was the last countermeasure issued, and how effective it was.

A risk level is then assigned to the unit and, if required, a countermeasure will be either requested (Gabriel) or issued automatically (Michael) with all actions and data stored for future reference. 

Risk Assessment v3.PNG


All Angel Guard units come equipped with a suite of automated countermeasures. For Gabriel units, an intelligent flushing system is provided, which will automatically produce a mixed water flush, only when risk levels are deemed high enough to require such an action. In addition, thermal disinfection can be activated manually and securely by a staff member.


Additionally, Michael units also provide automated chemical disinfection of the hot and cold pipework, the Hygienic Mixing Valve (HMV), the tap spout, waste pipework and trap. Unlike our Gabriel unit, our Michael unit can deliver this thermal disinfection without the need for manual intervention. 


As an option, both units can be pre-installed with Pro-Economy copper/silver ionisation systems. This system delivers copper and silver ions throughout the unit at the point of use, to help keep pathogen levels low during each wash cycle.

Colony Technology

Angel Guard’s patent-pending Colony Technology can provide complete protection across an entire building. Each individual unit gathers data and collates it on the Angel Guard Cloud System, which then identifies all units within the same area and enables them to communicate with each other and risk assess as a cluster of units as opposed to the individual. Through this process, if there is a higher risk level detected in one unit, other units within the same area are put onto a heightened state of alert – gathering data with a higher frequency, issuing preventative countermeasures across a group of units.

In doing this, our units can help to prevent pathogen contamination across the entire system and through this, keeps patients safe.


Cleaning Protection System

The innovative Cleaning Protection System (CPS) -available on our Michael units – not only monitors who is cleaning the unit, but also during and time of cleaning, ensuring the best in pathogen prevention. Our CPS also alerts when unauthorised liquids are poured down the basin, shutting the unit off for self-decontamination, identifying the user responsible through RFID tags and flagging the incident for re-training purposes.

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