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Angel Guard at Healthcare Estates 2023

Healthcare Estates is the UK’s largest trade exhibition for the healthcare sector. Following on from last year’s successful outing, Angel Guard were once again thankful to have been part of the experience. Exhibiting at stand A41, with its newly launched clinical IPS solution Raphael displayed on BioClad’s stand D5.


This year’s Healthcare Estates was possibly the biggest yet, going even further beyond last year’s turnout. Whilst many companies present their innovations and high-end products, the exhibition is also home to a conference in which many guest speakers provide insight relating to many healthcare issues. Our managing director Jonathan Waggott was fortunate enough to receive time to discuss the benefits of AI in effectively managing healthcare-related water systems.


Angel Guard’s main focuses at the exhibition were on two things in particular. At their our own stand, visitors were able to witness the company’s award-winning Clarence system, Angel Guard’s innovative remote water monitoring solution. Over at BioClad’s stand, a member of Angel Guard’s team was on hand to discuss the range of benefits that come with installing a Raphael unit, the next generation of clinical IPS unit.


This year Angel Guard were able to show further innovations we they have achieved regarding the Clarence system, including the introduction of the O-1, capable of monitoring up to 4 temperatures and flow events at the same time. Onlookers were also able to inspect the unique anti-splash basin installed to the Raphael unit, combined with BioClad’s patented anti-microbial technology to provide high levels of protection.

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